Dog Ornaments

Dog Angel Ornaments are available in 217 breeds. Currently we have 10 breeds displayed on our website.   

If you don’t see the breed you would like to purchase, please contact us by email and we will send it to you.  

These figurines are made of cold cast stone resin and they are beautifully hand painted. They will look great hanging on your Christmas tree. The gold string is removable so you can display the figurine on your mantle, windowsill or shelf when the Christmas holiday season is over. All Dog Angels are 2-1/2" tall and come in a white box with gold foil for easy gift giving.

Cavalier King Charles     Poodle  Puppy Clip          Poodle Show Clip           

       Poodle White Angel

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West Highland Terrier          Cocker Spaniel               Schnauzer


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          Maltese                        Yorkshire Terrier                   Pug


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 Shih Tzu  Show Clip        Shih Tzu Puppy Clip             Bichon Frise

      Shih Tzu Tan Sport Cut Angel  Bichon Frise Angel

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