Eye Opening, Mind Expending Journey into Dog's Welfare

Royal Dogs Gallery offers spiritual, homeopathic and energy wellness products for dogs and dog lovers. Our mission is to enhance the well-being of dogs and their owners by providing the very finest goods and services available. Bach Flower Remedies have been helping people regain health ever since they were developed by Dr. Edward Bach back in the 1930's. Flower remedies have profound effect on dogs, as well. Beautiful Dog Charms, such as St. Francis tag, (the patron saint who devoted much of his life to animal welfare) will keep your dogs safe every day while at play. Unique T-Shirts “Powered by” for you and your dog, show the world that mysterious energies power all of us. Adorable Dog Angel Ornaments of your favorite breeds will make your heart melt. Display these  figurines on your mantle, windowsill or shelf and show the world that you are guided by Angels.

We provide Personalized Grooming Services and Chakra Clearing (Color Therapy) for your dogs in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the convenience that only house call service can offer.