Potty Training Tool



The Housebreaker is a simple and fun training tool that teaches your dog to go potty outside by ringing the bells. It contains a Treat Dispenser, Bells and easy to read Directions For Use. Bells are attached to the ribbon at three levels to make it convenient for small, medium and large size dogs to use.


* Ribbon is extended down to make it easy for very small dogs and puppies to utilize (which is much better than similar designs on the market).

* The Housebreaker doesn't mark (damage) door like other similar training bells that you can find in the store.

* The Housebreaker is enhanced with a built-in Treat Dispenser. The owners should reward their dogs for every accomplishment, by giving them a treat from the handy Dispenser. Positive reinforcement will speed up the learning process. A proven training method, over 96% success rate.