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Are you suffering from
chronic pain?

Reiki and Color Therapy can remove energy blocks in your body and improve your wellbeing!

I'd like to help you.

  - Olga Horvat    

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Meet Olga Horvat

Olga Horvat is the CEO and founder of Royal Dogs Gallery. She has had a lifelong interest in healing people and animals. Olga is a Reiki Master and a Color Light Therapist. She is also an author and meditation coach. Royal Dogs Gallery offers holistic services (workshops and 1-on-1 sessions) and products to

people who want to accelerate their growth, capitalize on their success and

balance it all with a meaningful life. 

Royal Dogs Gallery is committed to raising public awareness of meditation through coloring, as well as encouraging their therapeutic value to humans. Our mission is to serve, influence and impact the world in a positive way through our workshops, corporate parties and other events. Olga Horvat is the creator of Medicoloring, a new meditative technique. It's a perfect antidote to the stress of everyday life.


Ms. Horvat is the author of two Amazon bestselling books: When Dogs Fly and

Paranormal Pooch. Her ingenious product, Royal Dogs 

Relaxation Kit, is a practical meditation guide through coloring.


As a holistic practitioner and a certified Lumia Science Color Therapist, Olga applies a colored light by using a medical device, “Bioptron”, to balance energy in the concerned areas of the body.

Olga is a certified Reiki Master. Reiki can be used for pain management, preventive care, and emotional and mental issues ranging from anxiety to addiction. Reiki focuses on healing not only the physical symptoms and discomfort associated with illness but also the root cause. Reiki requires no belief system and it will work to alleviate most mental, physical and spiritual issues. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. 


Ms Horvat is specialized in both, human and animal energy healing therapy. 

Meditative Coloring 


Are  you looking for new ways to manage your stress? Consider Meditative Coloring! Do you turn to technology when it's time to relax?  While computers, TVs, smartphones, and video games seem to be great options to wind down, they may actually cause more stress. To truly relax, consider revisiting childhood pastimes when you were safe and carefree. De-stress yourself through creative expressions such as coloring. It will relax your brain and allow you to focus on the present.

Coloring is a rewarding and calming experience. It can reduce your risk for conditions like depression and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that coloring can improve your memory and cognition. Many therapists "prescribe" coloring to their patients who suffer from Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's , Alzheimer's, PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger issues, & other disorders. 

Stress is a major health problem in the US. Most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress. 75% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments. Chronic stress is linked to the leading causes of death. The CDC (the Center for Disease Control) reports 110 million people die every year as a direct result of stress. It doesn't have to be this way! It's time to learn how to manage stress!

If you are interested in hosting a meditative coloring workshop for relaxation and improvement of brain performance, or you want a private session with Ms. Horvat, reach out to:

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Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit

Ms. Horvat is proud to present her innovative product, RDR Kit! Everyone who has used it is thrilled with it, so will you!

If you have tried other "traditional" meditative techniques and they didn't work for you, don't be afraid to try something new. Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit may be the answer to your problem. It's perfect for relaxing after a stressful day, in waiting rooms, and during airplane, train, or bus trips. The Kit is designed to quiet your mind and help you unwind and relieve your tension.

Why is Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit super effective for stress and anxiety relief? It's developed by a Color Therapist and backed by science. You'll be able to enter into a meditative state effortlessly and give your body a full rest.


Meditation through coloring, "Medicoloring", is the easiest way to become calm without taking medications or recreation drugs! Those methods do not heal the problems. They are temporary solutions that work to disguise the symptoms. Contrary to this, Medicoloring trains your brain waves to be synchronized. The simple act of coloring has the power to change your mind and alter your brain waves. During this activity, you experience an "Alpha" meditative state. In the "Alpha" state, your brain wave frequencies naturally slow down and you become fully relaxed. 

Do you want to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, feel more rested, more focused, and more productive? Why wait? Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit is available here. It comes with 60 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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