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What is the Best Natural Stress Reliever?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Stress is a major health problem in the US. Most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress. More than 75% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments. Chronic stress is linked to the leading causes of death. The CDC (the Center for Disease Control) reported that 110 million people die every year as a direct result of stress. It doesn't have to be this way! It's time to learn how to manage stress and anxiety!

If you're feeling overwhelmed about work, money, relationships, or anything else, you may need some extra help to ease your stress and anxiety. Do you turn to technology when it's time to relax? While computers, TVs, smartphones, and video games seem to be great options to wind down, they may actually cause more stress. 

To truly relax, consider revisiting childhood pastimes when you were safe and carefree. De-stress yourself through creative expressions such as meditative coloring. It will relax your brain and allow you to focus on the present. Meditation through coloring is a calming and uplifting experience. Meditative coloring increases the release of dopamine, a "feel-good hormone" in your brain and it fights stress by boosting your immune system. Meditative coloring will deeply engage you in an activity and remove the flow of negative thoughts and emotions, which you may have. You'll be able to focus on the activity, rather than your worries. Meditation through coloring can facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts with pleasant ones. 

If you practice meditative coloring on a regular basis, you'll start seeing changes in your brainwaves. Meditation will help you balance the left and right side of your brain. Your logical and intuitive sides of the brain will start to communicate better. This will help you become a good problem-solver in high-demand situations. Meditation will also slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. These positive neurological responses are prompted by three key elements: repetition, pattern, and detail. Meditative coloring is calming because it's predictable. 

At first glance, you may be skeptical when it comes to replacing meditation with coloring. Can coloring really substitute the effects of meditation? In my opinion, coloring is a part of meditation. When you meditate through coloring, your brain enters a relaxed state by focusing on one thing, which is coloring patterns. As a result, you reach a state of calm that relieves your brain from everyday stress and anxiety. 

How did I discover Meditative Coloring?

Traditional meditation techniques have never worked for me. Especially during periods of extreme stress, I have had difficulty disengaging. I accidentally achieved a meditative state through coloring, while sitting in a chaotic airport, after all previous attempts at mediation had failed! This happened in the spring of 2018 when I was traveling to Thailand. While I was at the airport and later in the airplane, I was coloring some of my drawings. During this experience, I felt the presence of a beautiful ball of white light around me. It was so comforting. All the commotions, noises, and distractions at the busy airport were suddenly not a part of my reality. It seemed to me that all my worries disappeared. My flight and all the fuss about it was not the center of my attention anymore. I completely focused on just one thing - coloring a page. The rest of the world vanished. It was quite magical!

I was aware that coloring relaxes you, but my experience was on a much deeper level. I had a calming sensation which I didn't fully understand at that time. It was about 18 hours later, when I finally landed in Thailand, I had my aha moment. I made a discovery - I realized that I was meditating through coloring during my travel. I tuned into a meditative state of mind easily and effortlessly without being aware of it! It was a stunning discovery! When I arrived in Thailand, I felt relaxed and without any signs of stress and fatigue. This was surprising considering how much time I spent traveling. It was truly a breakthrough!

I pioneered a new approach to natural stress relief: a new meditation technique called "Medicoloring". This meditation is through coloring in a picture while using only one pencil, a multi-color pencil. I've described how this meditation technique works in the "Medicoloring Guide", which is a part of the "RD Relaxation Kit".

What is the RD Relaxation Kit?

The RD Relaxation Kit is a proven stress reliever that can help you reduce nervousness and anxiety within minutes. It can positively affect your body's ability to manage anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and the stress hormone cortisol. The RD Relaxation Kit is a natural cure for anxiety and stress. It's perfect for relaxing after a stressful day, in waiting rooms, and during airplane, train, or bus trips. This simple and effective tool is designed to quiet your mind and help you unwind and relieve anxiety. It's great because anyone can do it, anywhere and anytime. 

The RD Relaxation Kit includes:

1. When Dogs Fly: Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation and Meditation

This coloring book has 30 exquisite designs of dogs and airplanes.

"Feeling down? The pages of this book are interspersed with inspirational quotes to help you put things in perspective" - Condé Nast Traveler 

2. Medicoloring guide

This guide explains how to meditate through coloring. It's a 4-step meditation technique to instant calmness, clear thoughts, and increased productivity. This Meditative Coloring technique was featured by Boove, a UK blog, as one of the best meditation for apprentice meditators.

3. Multi-color pencil

It's a great tool for meditative coloring. The core of the pencil has a combination of seven colors. When you draw with this pencil, the color changes and leaves a multi-color effect. 

4. Sharpener

A sharpener is always handy to have with you on the go.

Why is the RD Relaxation Kit super-effective?

The meditative coloring technique "Medicoloring" is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety. Medicoloring is the easiest way to relieve stress or anxiety without taking medications or recreational drugs! Those methods do not heal the problems. They are temporary solutions that work to disguise the symptoms. Contrary to this, the "Medicoloring" technique trains your brain waves to be synchronized. The simple act of meditative coloring has the power to change your mind and alter your brain waves. During this activity, you experience an "Alpha" meditative state. In the "Alpha" state, your brain-wave frequencies naturally slow down and you become fully relaxed. 

The multi-color pencil, which is included in the Relaxation Kit, is the best tool for meditative coloring. It will do the "thinking" for you. When you use the multi-color pencil, the left side of your brain (logical and judgmental) is inactive, and the right side of your brain (intuitive and creative) is active. This will allow you to enter into a meditative state effortlessly and give your body a full rest. There are two versions of the multicolor pencils that I use when I do meditation through coloring. They are available here. These coloring pencils are: 4-in-one (The core of the pencil has a combination of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue), and 7-in-one (The core of the pencil has a combination of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, purple, cyan and blue).

Do you want to relieve stress, feel more rested, more focused, and more productive? Wouldn't it be amazing to tune into divine healing energy through meditative coloring and use this power to work for your higher good? Why wait? RD Relaxation Kit is available here. It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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Jun 17, 2020

"Great article! Love it! I love to color."

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