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Instant Stress Relief: Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit

Updated: May 14

Have you tried to relieve stress with medications, recreational drugs, or "traditional" meditative techniques and they didn't work for you? Don't get discouraged! Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit may be the answer to your problem.

What is the Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit?

Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit is a practical meditation kit. It's perfect for relaxing after a stressful day, in waiting rooms, and during airplane, train, or bus trips. The Kit is designed to quiet your mind and help you unwind and relieve your tension. It's great because anyone can do it, anywhere and anytime. The Relaxation Kit includes:

1. When Dogs Fly: Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation and Meditation

This coloring book has 30 exquisite designs of dogs and airplanes.

2. Medicoloring guide

It explains how to meditative through coloring. It's a 4-step technique to instant calmness, clear thoughts, and increased productivity.

3. Multi-color pencil

This pencil is a great tool for meditative coloring. The core of the pencil has a combination of seven colors. When you draw with this pencil, the color changes and leaves a multi-color effect. 

4. Sharpener

A sharpener is always handy to have with you on the go.

Why is the Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit super effective?

The meditative coloring technique "Medicoloring" is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety. "Medicoloring" is the act of coloring a picture using only one pencil - a multi-color pencil! 

Medicoloring is the easiest way to become calm without taking medications or recreation drugs! Those methods do not heal the problems. They are temporary solutions that work to disguise the symptoms. Contrary to this, Medicoloring trains your brain waves to be synchronized. The simple act of coloring has the power to change your mind and alter your brain waves. When you color your brain wave frequencies naturally slow down. During this activity you become fully relaxed.

The multi-color pencil, which is included in the Relaxation Kit, is the best tool for meditative coloring. It will do the "thinking" for you. When you use the multi-color pencil the left side of your brain (logical & judgmental) is inactive, and the right side (intuitive & creative) is active. This will allow you to enter into a meditative state effortlessly and give your body a full rest.

Do you want to relieve stress, feel more rested, more focused, and more productive? Why wait? Royal Dogs Relaxation Kit is available here. It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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